Specialty Sandwiches and Salads

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Sandwiches: (or deconstruct as a salad)

  • The Coolidge – classic Reuben on marbled rye

  • Northern Stage – the Coolidge with turkey in lieu of corned beef

  • The Knitting Circle – Roast beef, peppers, onion, provolone – panninied

  • Revolution – Turkey, apple, cheddar, sprouts, bleu cheese spread,
    5 grain bread

  • The Antique Boutique – Turkey, bacon, avocado, Swiss on Artisan bread

  • The Lampshade Artist – Fajita chicken, peppers and onions in a
    wrap – panninied

  • The Florist - Avo, Colby Jack, cheddar, tomato, onion, cuke, hummus,
    with sprouts in a wrap

  • The Cartoon College – Tongol tuna salad on whole grain bread

  • The Frame Crafter – Herb Foccacia, fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, basil mayo

  • Good Neighbor – Fried Egg, onion, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, mayo, foccacia roll

  • The Salon – Ham, Swiss, pickles banana pepper, tomato, mustard
    French bread


Cheddar Brick Road Panini Sandwiches:

  • Auntie Em – Grilled cheddar on hearty white

  • Flying Monkey – Grilled cheddar, bacon, pear and currant jelly

  • The Scarecrow – Grilled cheddar, sprouts, onion, tomato, avo, flour tortilla

  • The Wicked Witch – Grilled cheddar, tuna, tomato – our tuna melt!

  • The Toto – Grilled ham and cheddar on hearty white

  • The Tin Man – Grilled cheddar, bacon, tomato on sourdough

  • The Wizard – Grilled chicken, shredded Jack, onion, avo, peppers, tortilla


  • The Boston – Fresh mixed greens tomato, cucumber, red pepper, red onion, carrot – with your choice of dressing

  • Add turkey, cheddar, Jack, hard boiled egg and make it a chef!

  • The Popeye – Baby spinach, boiled egg, onion, diced apple, bacon bits, Feta and Balsamic

  • The Corfu – Mixed greens, fresh Mozzarella, Artichoke, tomato, onion,
    feta, basil, black olives, balsamic

  • The Cobb – Mix Greens, feta, tomato, corn, onion, egg, chicken, cucumber, bacon, dressing

  • The Sausalito – Baby spinach, dried cranberries, strawberry, walnut,
    onion, Feta (or goat), Cranberry Vinaigrette

  • The Cape Cod – Baby spinach, onion, turkey, cranberries, bacon, Cranberry Vinaigrette

  • The Baja – Mixed greens, avo, tomato, onion, Colby Jack, fajita chicken, Ranch dressing

  • Salad Dressing Selection: Cranberry Vinaigrette, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Balsamic, 1000 Island, Caesar


  • House – Chunky Tomato Cheddar Bisque

  • …one or two other homemade every day

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Homebaked muffins, pastry and a variety of cookies

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